#Trump2016 !

#Trump2016 !

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Tenn: #MUSLIM shoots up 3 churches !!! #TERROR

Says “Read the Qur’an”

The link to Buchanan’s Facebook page in the report below has already gone dead. In any case, the screenshot makes Buchanan’s mindset clear: “Read the Qur’an because it is the true word of God…”
A Muslim shoots up three churches and nothing is said about his motive or his Islamic identity. Would the same courtesy be shown a Christian who shot up three mosques? Why the coverup? Who is responsible for it?
“Could the Suspect arrested in a Shelbyville, Tennessee Shooting Spree be a Jihadi?,” by Jerry Gordon, New English Review, October 6, 2016 (thanks to Robert):
…Shelbyville has a new problem; a shooting spree by a suspect, Wendell Buchanan, apprehended by local whose social media discloses his possible Muslim conversion.  The issue is why local law enforcement hasn’t reached out for assistance of the Joint Terrorism Task Force and the FBI to investigate this as a possible terrorist event.   This report would appear to suggest that Buchanan was on a self motivated jihad mission against hated kuffar religious institutions in the community:
September 27 – October 02, 2016: Shelbyville, TN: Three churches were shot up in the Shelbyville, TN area starting on the night of Sep 27, 2016. The Horse Mountain Church of Christ was shot 16 more times the night of Sep 29. The Philippi United Methodist Church along with another church was also struck by 7.62 x 39 rounds on the 29th. (7.62 x 39 rounds are consistent with an AK47 or a SKS rifle) The Bedford County Agriculture Center was also attacked with gunfire on the 29th, shattering the front glass. There were also reports of utility boxes being shot during this time.
On October 02, 2016, the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office announced the arrest of Wendell Buchanan, age 30 for the shootings. A check of Wendell Tobias Buchanan’s Facebook page shows that he has been quoting the Quran and demonstrates he is a very vocal follower of Islam.
An October 4, 2016 Shelbyville Times Gazette report on the apprehension of Buchanan noted the seriousness of the charges, but without identifying the ideology behind it…
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