The Daily Homicides in #Chicago continue with no end in sight.

Year to Date
Shot & Killed: 476
Shot & Wounded: 2596
Total Shot: 3072
Total Homicides: 531

Barrak HUSSEIN #Obama has NEVER Come to his adopted home town, and NEVER addressed the issue of this daily slaughter. In the 7 1/2 years of his Reign, he only mentioned this genocide 7 times and quickly changed the subject.


#Obama WANTED to see the #TERROR in #CHICAGO Continue, but his plans backfired.

Just as #Obama wants to bring #ISLAMIC #TERROR To our shores and has successfully imported thousands of clandestine #SYRIAN #TERRORISTS the reasons are the same.

Barrack HUSSEIN #OBAMA HATES #AMERICA and he Particularly HATES #WHITE AMERICANS, which he proudly boasts shall be a minority by 2050!

His Former Close Aid, Rahm Emmanuel does his bidding well but has had their carefully laid plans blown up in their faces.  

The Crack-Smoking "Aldermen" in the "Black Caucus" of the Chicago City Council continue to find the tiniest possible "Violation of Civil Rights" to Charge CPD Officers with but completely IGNORE the ULTIMATE VIOLATION Of RIGHTS of their own constituents:


The Brave & Dedicated #Chicago #POLICE are fed up with the shit sandwich they have gotten for years from Rahm and his allies so simply let the gangs shoot it out and send the meat wagon to pick up the bodies later.

The #TERROR that #OBAMA had planned has been brought to the South and West Side and it only gets worse by the day.

Most Windy City residents shake their heads and pity those who must live like this. Those of us fortunate to live in the areas that are still relatively CRIME-FREE even laugh at it all.

The #ISLAMIC #TERROR that BO wants to import shall backfire as well - more and more States are adopting OPEN CARRY LAWS, with and WITHOUT A PERMIT which will put a lot of Radical #MUSLIMS six feet under in a big hurry. 

Soon, President #Trump shall #MakeAmericaGreatAgain and all will benefit.

Until then, PIty the victims and