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#Trump2016 !

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

UTAH: School Evacuated after #TERROR THREAT ! #ISIS #MUSIM

Utah: Elementary school evacuated after Muslim threatens to blow it up

“In August 2013, Colorado police warned churches about Craig, who was saying that Mormons and Catholics ‘would be destroyed” in the coming weeks.” And here he is running around loose and threatening an elementary school three years later. What will authorities say when he makes good on one of these threats?
“Man in custody; email to media describes ‘bomb threat,’ says elementary school intruder is former Utah State Eastern basketball coach,” by Erin Alberty and Nick Parker, Salt Lake Tribune, September 19, 2016 (thanks to Pamela Geller):
A man is in custody after he allegedly told staff at an Eagle Mountain elementary school to evacuate so no one would get hurt.
Eagle Valley Elementary was evacuated Monday afternoon after a masked man entered the front office and said to evacuate all the students so nobody would get hurt, according to a school official.
Kimberly Bird, assistant to the Alpine School District superintendent, confirmed that the elementary had been evacuated and that all students and employees were “safe and accounted for” Monday evening. Police took into custody about 5 p.m. a man they suspected to be the intruder.
Utah County sheriff’s Sgt. Spencer Cannon said that police were investigating a possible bomb threat at the school, located at 4475 N. Heritage Drive.
The intruder was wearing a long, light-green tunic and a ski mask, Cannon said, and was lying next to a car outside the front of the school Monday evening. Police used a robot with a microphone to communicate with the man, who read to them a speech about perceived social injustices related to an email he says he sent to media.
In a message sent to The Salt Lake Tribune and other news organizations, someone identifying himself as Christopher Craig and as “the radical Islamic jihadist Muhammad Allah Al-Khidr” said the sender would “call 911 with a threat of an explosive” at the school. The email describes a promised bomb threat and a hunger strike he plans to conduct in jail.
Khidr means green — hence, perhaps, the lovely shade of his robe.
“Racism is the reason for my hunger strike,” the email reads, “to take this conversation deeper, to the truth, core and roots.”
The sender says he will await the return of Prophet Isa, the name for Jesus Christ in the Quran.
Titled “In honor of Skylar Dore” — an allusion to a Louisiana police chief who was fired after a Facebook post about the death of white police officers in Baton Rouge — the email was sent to media outlets, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and others.
Christopher Dewitt Craig was Utah State University Eastern’s head basketball coach, who has called himself an “Islamic jihadist” in prior brushes with the law. In August 2013, Colorado police warned churches about Craig, who was saying that Mormons and Catholics “would be destroyed” in the coming weeks….
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