#Trump2016 !

#Trump2016 !

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


My father, in the 75  years I was blessed to be with him often accused me of "Mental Masturbation" - meaning that I was simply wasting time and energy in whatever path I was on.

I learned by hard experience that he was normally right.

#American has been stuck in the same predicament, though it has been manufactured by evil forces that seek our death and destruction.  Irregardless of origin, the results will be identical.

Since the #Terror of September 11, 2001 that showed the world what #ISLAM really IS and wants, there has been an incessant drumbeat of #MUSLIM good/victim, White #AMERICAN Bad/Racist - the same mantra has infiltrated our institutions of lower learning and has reached truly tyrannical heights.  

Now, any student who can THINK and recognize that the DAILY JIHAD TERROR of the #MUSLIMS is inherent in their EVIL IDEOLOGY (er, Religion) or who DARES think that the DAILY NEGRO GANG MURDERS in our Big Cities may be indicative of deeply rooted issues is also branded as a RACIST and SILENCED by ILLITRERATE DOPE SMOKING THUGS of groups like #BLACKLIESMATTER.

The Community Disorganizer in the #WH leads the chanting and posits that some unproven mantra called "Climate Change" Is the GREATEST THREAT Facing Humanity.

The Thugs, Dictators and Head Choppers at the United Nitwits merrily nod in agreement while pocketing the BILLIONS that an IGNORANT and COWED American populace continues to reward them with.

#CrookedHillary counts the tens of Millions that the Wahhabi #TERROR regime in Saudi Arabia has deposited in the #Clinton Foundation as her #MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD leader/closest AID HUMA continues to tip off #ISIS, #AQ, and the other #ISLAnMIC #TERROR Groups when there any  'unfomfortable' facts may be revealed or our troops get too close.

Nero Fiddler as Rome burned, and #BO is playing with his tiny penis as #AMERICANS DIE, courtesy of HIS MURDEROUS #MUSLIM ALLIES.

Yet, the Myopia of #America continues and the lies of the Lamestream media go mostly unchallenged.

This ELECTION Means either the END of the BEGINNING of #AMERICA - and you know what your only choice is:


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