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#Trump2016 !

Sunday, September 18, 2016


New Jersey: Military race canceled after pipe bomb explodes and other bombs found

Here again, there is no direct evidence that this was Islamic jihad. But the resemblance of this attempted attack to the Boston Marathon jihad massacre, coming on the same day that a pressure cooker bomb, also reminiscent of the Boston Marathon jihad attack, was found in New York City, is striking. If all these bombs had gone off, there would have been explosions in New Jersey and on 23rd and 27th streets in New York City — and terror struck in the hearts of the enemies of Allah (cf. Qur’an 8:60), whether jihadis planted the bombs or not.
“Pipe bomb explodes at ‘US military race’ minutes before thousands were due to pass,” by Scott Campbell, Mirror, September 17, 2016:
A military race has been plunged into lockdown after a pipe bomb exploded just minutes before thousands of runners were due to pass, sending debris flying 45 metres through the air.
Competitors and spectators including wounded veterans had gathered before the start of the fundraising run when the blast struck.
The device appeared to have been timed to detonate at the exact moment runners were passing the bin – but the race was delayed because of late sign-ups.
Police found multiple devices “wired together” in a bin after the terrifying explosion but only one of them had detonated, according to a spokesman.
No injuries were reported in the blast at the Seaside Semper Five Marine Corps Charity 5K in New Jersey.
Officers have also found at least one separate device and bomb dogs are still searching the area after it was plunged into lockdown.
Runner Adam Carswell said: “It was a big puff of smoke, fairly large.”
A spokesman for local prosecutors said: “We did find that within that same garbage can there were other devices wired to the one that did explode.”
It is not known how many people were involved in the placing of the devices but they are still at large.
The FBI is investigating along with another number of agencies as prosecutors admitted they “don’t know” what the motive is….
Canada: Machete attack on cop in Calgary mall, shots fired in Grand Prairie mall
NYC: Pressure cooker bomb resembling one used in Boston Marathon jihad massacre found 4 blocks from IED explosion

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