#Trump2016 !

#Trump2016 !

Thursday, September 15, 2016

#Muslim attacks #NYPD cops with meat cleaver ! #TERROR #HILLARY

BHas previously arrested for carrying knives near synagogue

Looks as if Akram Joudeh was a jihad waiting to happen: “Akram Joudeh: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know,” by Jessica McBride, Heavy, September 15, 2016:
NBC 10.com said the suspect was 32 years old and has 15 prior arrests, “including one on Aug. 27 after he was found carrying knives near a synagogue.”…
“Criminal attacks New York cops with a MEAT CLEAVER before being shot and critically wounded: Suspect attacked ‘because his car was booted when he parked in the middle of Manhattan street,'” by James Wilkinson, Dailymail.com, September 15, 2016:
The Queens man who allegedly hit an off-duty NYPD detective in the head with an 11-inch meat cleaver during a dramatic Midtown Manhattan confrontation has been identified as Akram Joudeh, 32.
Joudeh was shot multiple times on West 32 Street, near Penn Station, by several officers at around 5pm Wednesday after a dramatic chase that culminated in three officers being injured, cops said.
The detective suffered a six-inch gash from his temple to his jaw, while Joudeh was left in hospital in critical but stable condition.
Police were called out at around 5pm after Joudeh was seen trying to prize a boot off his car on West 31 St and Broadway.
He is believed to have been sleeping in the vehicle, which had reportedly been parked in the middle of the street, which is located in a busy, tourist-heavy area of Midtown.
When police approached, however, he pulled out the cleaver and fled while ‘waving it around,’ a police spokesman said.
A sergeant attempted to stop the suspect with a taser while they ran through the crowded area, but for reasons unknown it apparently had no effect.
The officers chased him through the heavily-patrolled area to West 32 St, near Penn Station, where he mounted the grill of a stationary police car.
An off-duty detective, who was heading to Penn Station, saw Joudeh and attempted to tackle him – at which point, cops say, Joudeh hit him in the face with the cleaver.
Officers tried to talk him into dropping the weapon, police said, but he refused – at which point they fired 18 times, hitting him with multiple bullets, cops said.
Two other cops sustained non-life-threatening injuries.
Early reports said that one of them suffered a graze on his back during the gunfire.
Both the cops and the attacker were taken to Bellevue Hospital. The detective is said to be in serious condition. The other officers are said to be in stable condition….
Free Afshin Sohrabzadeh!

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