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#Trump2016 !

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

#CrookedHIllary Sued over #BENGHAZI #TERROR ! #ISLAM #MUSLIMS

Parents suing Hillary Clinton for wrongful death and defamation over jihad murders in Benghazi

The parents of two Americans killed in a jihad attack in Benghazi are suing Hillary Clinton for wrongful death and defamation, citing her “‘extreme carelessness” in handling “confidential and classified information” that got into the hands of the jihad terrorists who launched the deadly attack on the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi.
Clinton has been consistently under the microscope for apparent recklessness with regard to jihadists and their threats to America and to the West.
Recall a statement she made, that “Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.”
Hillary Clinton did not need to be told that not all Muslims are jihadists, but her politically correct statement manifested a reckless disregard for and undermining of the global jihad war against infidels and apostates, at a time when the sufferings of the victims of that war, Christians, Yazidis, the state of Israel, and other Muslims, are incalculable.
Let’s also not forget the Western victims who have been attacked by jihadis on their own soil — but to reckless Hillary, Muslims “have nothing whatsoever” to do with any of that.
Also in a speech, she reportedly “slowed to mock three words – ‘radical Islamic terrorism.'”
Well, now Hillary Clinton is being sued by parents who went through the grief of losing their children due to “radical Islamic terrorism” that Muslims “have nothing whatsoever to do with.”
“Two Benghazi Parents Sue Hillary Clinton for Wrongful Death, Defamation”,Breitbart, August 8, 2016:
The parents of two Americans killed in the 2012 terrorist attacks on U.S. diplomatic facilities in Benghazi, Libya, filed a wrongful death lawsuit in federal court Monday against Hillary Clinton.
In the suit, Patricia Smith and Charles Woods, the parents of Sean Smith and Tyrone Woods, claim that Clinton’s use of a private e-mail server contributed to the attacks. They also accuse her of defaming them in public statements.
Smith was an information management officer and Woods was a security officer, both stationed in Benghazi.
“The Benghazi attack was directly and proximately caused, at a minimum by defendant Clinton’s ‘extreme carelessness’ in handling confidential and classified information,” such as the location of State Department employees in Libya, the lawsuit said…..
Such information, the lawsuit claimed, “easily found its way to foreign powers” and was then obtained by Islamic terrorists.
Hugh Fitzgerald: Calculating the Costs of Muslim Terrorism: La Braderie, For Example
The FBI knew jihadis were targeting Garland free speech event. So why did they have only one agent there?

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