#Trump2016 !

#Trump2016 !

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

#Chicago Murders same Negro/Lib Excuse & Failure !

In an overly long and existentially boring rehash of Negro/Liberal crap i the CHICAGOIST, "writer" Stephen Gosset avers:

"How And Why Chicago Violence Became Conservatives' Favorite Talking Point

After laying out the usual excuses for the phenomenal Failure of the Negro in #Chicago and the 50+ Years of Democratic pandering (in exchange for votes), the author sums up the SOS of the Jesse Jackson/Lib/Gay Democrats:
"Time and again, when the Chicago violence motif reemerges on the right, it functions less as motivated outreach, and more as conjurer’s trick. It’s a studied misdirection, designed to keep the eye off the other hand, be it gun control, Black Lives Matter, racial justice, policing tactics, or something not directly related, like Chicago's Olympic bid. And even though it emerged during Obama’s administration, the tactic appears potent enough to endure beyond it. Chicago’s gun-violence epidemic is horrifically real, but as recent history shows, far too much of the conservative outrage around it is an illusion."
The primary argument this 'author' presents is that Conservatives who Point to #Chicago Black on Black Crime (which constitutes 95% of the 486 murders and over 2400 shootings so far this year) is a BIG LIE - meant to mask the REAL CAUSES he notes above.

After 65 years in the City of the Big Shoulders, and having lived in areas from the old German/Polish NW Side to Gang/infested Uptown, to Luxurious Linconl Pk, to Rustic Rodgers PK I am well prepared to address the audacious and oft-repeated claims made above.

1.) Gun Control has been a phenomenal failure here - Chicago had a BAN on New HandGun Registrations in the 3 years it was the MURDER CAPITAL OF THE USA!  
Wisely, after 25 years, the Illinois Supremes recognized that punishing Lawful Gun Owners had NO effect on Crime and finally overturned this absurd law.

2.) Black Lives Matter is a loud mouth group of ex-con drug dealers and crack hoes.  Whenever some doped up punk gets his no good Black Ass shot to Hell by the CPD they SCREAM BLOODY MURDER but are silent as the Daily Slaughter of Negros killing other Negros continues unabated - now 

Just why is that?

3.) Racial Justice - Go to any CRIMINAL COURT in Chicago and/or Cook County.  You will see that 85% of the Defendants are Negros! An endless stream of Killers, Robbers, Rapists and General Scum Bags tramps through the System Daily.  The Writer spent 89 days in Chicago's Cook County Jail in 2010 - 95% of the Inmates are Colored folks.The Reason that County Jail is SO CROWDED and SO MANY FELONS are roaming the streets of the Windy City is PRECISELY BECAUSE Cook County's LIBERAL JUDGES have been LETTING THEM OUT ON A FREE PASS FOR DECADES! 

Sadly, Illinois's Loony Laws never help.

4.) Policing Tactics - The Negros are now OPENLY CURSING out CPD officers and DARING them to do something! Bear in mind that MOST OF THESE DAMN PUNKS are HIGH ON CRACK and don't care what they DO! Additionally, since New POLICIES forces CPD to spend 30 Minutes filling out forms and then Waiting another 30 for them to be approved, before they can go BACK to the STREET all suffer.  Additionally, many CPD officers now IGNORE Gang & Drug Activity and let it continue since it is JUST NOT WORTH the RISK when a Feckless "Mayor" like Rahm Emmanuel spends MORE TIME PRAISING SCUM BUCKETS and FIRING CPD heroes than he does with anything else.

5.) Housing Disparity - though not directly mentioned above, it is mentioned elsewhere. Facts and History are stubborn things - they don't go away. When the Negros first began to move to Chicago from the South they first flooded into housing that dated back to the 19th Century - within a decade they had turned some of the most beautiful homes on Chicago's South side into real dumps - they divided mansions into mutli-use apartments and the drug trade began to flourish.  In the 1950s and early 60's, the sad saga was repeated on the West Side, with the mansions dating to the 1893 Columbian Exposition falling prey to their crime and gangs.  At least the Welfare Mothers found a new racket where they could a.) live in Subdidized ADC Housing, b.) Collect MULTIPLE WELFARE CHECKS and c.) maintain 3-10 'MANS' who 'visited' them weekly in exchange for a Small Fee for their 'poon-tang' services. 
During the 1960's the Feds stepped in and provided New Modern Subsidized Housing in splendid areas like Cabrini Greene and the Robert Taylor Homes.  Within another decade, the same Crime and Gangs polluted these wonders. After 30-40 years, they were all finally demolished and replaced with "Scattered Site" Public Housing that the Colored folks are F**CKING Up as fast as the can right now.

Those are the FACTS of #CHICAGO History.  

The "Leadership" of #Chicago's Jesse Jackson has been a total failure - yet the Negros keep him since they have no others.  Only "Operation Push" can be cited - a product of "Push day" - which was Friday in the Loop, when the Well Fed Beer and Barbecue Big Mammas would go downtown and "Push" white women around - after experiencing this once, my Sainted Mother (who loved Fields and Carson's) NEVER Went downtown on Friday again!

In the long run, all the protests and bitching of Jackson and his wealthy clan have done NOTHING to improve the lot of the Negro in the City of the Big Shoulders.

The Dems, however, have been a great success - they have grown filthy rich for many decades, squirrleing huge sums away in clandestine accounts and retiring in great wealth - after the laughable reign of "Old Weird' Harold Washingon, the Blacks got their share of the graft - so why rock the boat now?

The Current ASS KISSING and COP BASHING/PUNISHING of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanel is only causing brave and dedicated CPD officers to say "F**K IT!" when confronted with RISKING THEIR LIVES to Put a Stop the NEGRO GANG TERROR that has been terrorizing #Chicago since the 1960's!

The REAL PITY is that it is the NEGRO and COLORED areas that are the real victims - for the Gangs Peddle their Poison mostly on the West and South Sides which is exactly where their Gang Warfare Claims so many Lives.

#Chicago CPD Chief Eddy Johnson has presciently observed that only about 1,500 of the Hard Core Gang Leaders are primarily responsible for the deadly violence but Cook County's Liberal Judges continue the endless merry-go-round of arrest-jail-bail-arrest while the slaughter continues.

The Writer of the Chiagoist piece also completely misses the point:

Conservatives do not feign "Outrage" at #Chicago endless Murders, for we really don't care all that much - it's more like Pity for a Dying and Helpless Beast - 


The Last Republican Mayor of Chicago was William Hale "Big Bill" Thompson - ending in the early 1930's - Democratic Liberal policies have ruled ever since - and the results are painfully obvious to see.

Conservatives simpy point out the FACTS - and let the People decide for themselves!

Chicago's Most Famous Resident - Alfonso Capone !

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