#Trump2016 !

#Trump2016 !

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

#CHICAGO JULY 66 DEAD 448 SHOT ! #BlackLivesMatter !

Chicago Final July Crime Totals
Shot & Killed: 66
Shot & Wounded: 382
Total Shot: 448
Total Homicides: 71

2016 Year to Date
Shot & Killed: 367
Shot & Wounded: 2076
Total Shot: 2443
Total Homicides: 406

#BlackLivesMatter ONLY when a WHITE COP Shoots a NEGRO DIRT BAG and they have an Excuse to Scream RACIST!

This is the REAL #OBAMA LEGACY since he has NEVER Come to #Chicago to address this problem,though his South Side Mansion and the Proposed site for his "Presidential" Libray are only Blocks from the site of much of this butchery.

#Chicago VERY OWN JESSE JACKASS is ALSO SILENT as is #Chicago NATION OF PISSLAM LEADER "Calypso" Louie Farrakhan!

It has been SO BAD For years that CHICAGO MEDIA does Not even report on the shootings - ONLY the #MURDERS !

Even FOX WFLD32, which is the ONLY News Outlet that reports the daily shootings 30-50) has been skipping these awful statistics.
The GAY LIBS continue to PUSH for MORE and MORE GUN CONTROL in one of the STRICTEST GUN CONTROL Cities in the nation.

BTW - 95% of the MURDERS and SHOOTINGS are BLACK ON BLACK and BROWN on BROWN CRIME - just look at the PICTURES of the PERPS!

But #BlackLivesMatter is SILENT on this issue as they continue in their juvenile list of Demands for a Socialist Utopia !
And #OBAMA is Also SILENT and has NEVER come to #CHICAGO to address this issue, though the JACKSON PARK Location he has chosen for his TEMPLE (er, Presidential Library) Is only BLOCKS from the HOME of the  DRUG DEALING NEGRO GANGS that perpetuate this DAILY SLAUGHTER!

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