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#Trump2016 !

Friday, July 22, 2016


Munich Mall Terror Shooting — At Least Three Dead


Several gunshots are reported to have been fired at a shopping centre in Munich, with media claiming there have been multiple fatalities.

UPDATE 2000 BST — Video of emergency services tending to woundedA video showing stretchers being prepared to take wounded and an injured man lying supine with a sheet over his body has been uploaded to Twitter.
UPDATE 1940 BST — Well-meaning Müncheners opening their doors to strangers in wake of terror attack
Munich residents have been using the hashtag #offenetür (open door) to offer their hospitality to people unable to get home amid the chaos in the city.
However, others have pointed out the inherent danger in opening doors to strangers at a time when gunmen are on the loose, warning people to take precautions before they open the door.
Aftermath of the May Munich stabbing / Getty
UPDATE 1935 BST — Second Terror Attack in Munich in 2016 
German police are reportedly now treating the shooting as a terror attack. Breitbart London reported in May about another terror attack in the German city of Munich, where one died and three were injured.
The attacker reportedly shouted “Allahu Akbar” as he stabbed his fellow passengers on a train. Read more.
UPDATE 1925 BST — Updates from Munich Police 
Munich police have posted a series of tweets which appear to suggest that gun fire is being heard elsewhere in the city, including mentions of a “shootout” at approximately 18:50pm. They are repeating advice to avoid public areas warning “the suspects are still on the run,” but are underscoring that the situation remains “confusing”.
A Police statement stated:
“At 17.50 o’ clock witnesses came forward at the police station and reported a shooting in the area of Hanau Street. Witnesses report three different people with guns.
“Type and number of victims is unknown. The police are using all available forces with the support of special forces, the federal police and neighbouring [forces].
“At the moment no perpetrators have been arrested… Due to the unclear situation we ask all people in the metropolitan area to stay at home or In nearby buildings to seek shelter. The operation of the public transport is currently suspended.
“As soon as more information becomes available, it will be reported”.
UPDATE 1915 BST — Three confirmed dead 
The German Interior Ministry has confirmed three dead, the Telegraph has reported.
However, German sources including the Muencher Abendzeitung are reporting that the death toll is much higher, with perhaps as many as 15 casualties. It is not known how many have been injured. An employee within the centre told Reuters “many shots were fired.”
Munich police have asked witnesses not to share pictures of the situation as it unfolds as they track the shooter/s, however a number of images have been posted. While some actually show other attacks including the 2013 Kenyan mall attack, others are more clearly genuine with visible landmarks and signs that show they were likely taken in Germany.
This graphic image shows a first responder standing outside the Olympia McDonalds attending to a victim — the Saturn electrical store next door can be seen in the background.
AP Photo
German police arrive / AP
Armed police cover the entrance to the Olympia U-Bahn station / Getty
Deaths Reported In Shooting at Munich Shopping Centre
Deaths Reported In Shooting at Munich Shopping Centre
Deaths Reported In Shooting at Munich Shopping Centre

UPDATE 1855 BST — Reports that Munich Police are dealing with multiple shootings — Mall and Metro stationMarienplatz Metro station in the centre of Munich is reported to be the location of a second shooting according to reports, although there are presently no confirmed reports of injuries.
Reports of a third shooting location in the city have not yet been confirmed.
UPDATE 1845 BST — Staff at mall are in hidingReuters are reporting that staff are still hiding out in the building, according to a member of staff who contacted the news agency by phone.
If so, events could evolve into a hostage situation, although there are currently no suggestions that that is the case.
UPDATE 1835 BST — Video claiming to show shooter posted to social media
A Twitter video showing a man with what appears to be a pistol shooting at bystanders also clearly shows a distinctively laid out branch of the McDonalds fast-food chain. Local images and Google Street View strongly suggests the video is in fact from Munich as claimed.

mcdonalds-1 Munich
The Hanauer Strasse McDonalds, directly opposite the Olympia Shopping Centre / Mux.de
UPDATE 1820 BST — Images of armed police on roof
Tweet pictures taken from neighbouring buildings to the Munich shopping mall at the centre of this evening’s apparent attack clearly show Germnan police officers in ordinary patrol dress — rather than armed response order — crouched and taking cover with weapons drawn on the car-park roof. The images may fuel speculation that there may still be an active shooter in the area.
A Munich police source is being reported on Britain’s Sky News as saying there was more than one shooter and there have not yet been any arrests.
UPDATE 1810 BST — Video emerges of situation outside the Munich Olympic Mall
UPDATE 1805 BST — Germans told to expect more terrorismThe attacks have come only 48 hours after a warning by German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere who claimed that Germans should prepare themselves for more terror attacks in the wake of the axe attack in Wuerzburg. “In Germany we must also expect attacks by small groups of radicalised ‘lone-wolf’ attackers,” he said. Read more at Breitbart London
UPDATE 1800 BST — Confused reports coming out of MunichThere may be an active shooter in the Munich shopping mall, with reports of between one and 15 casualties presently being reported in European media.
The story so far:
The gunshots were heard at the Olympiapark shopping centre in Munich and police have announced on twitter that anyone in the area should leave immediately.
A major police operation is currently underway as many witnesses are reporting a very large police presence in the area.
Unconfirmed reports are stating that there may be several casualties as at least one alleged witness has posted a picture of what appears to be injured victims, though there is still no word from Munich police.
The shopping mall is located in the old Olympic park which was built for the 1972 Olympics. The Munich Olympics is well known for being the site of the massacre of Israeli athletes by Palestinian gunmen.

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