#Trump2016 !

#Trump2016 !

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

#Trump Calling for Ryan to Step Down ! #TrumpTrain #VoteTrump

Politically correct “Social Justice Warrior,” and complete MORON Paul Ryan is busy once again helping his good friends Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama by attacking his own parties frontrunner.  And in doing so, Paul Ryan is actively working to help the Democrats secure the White House.
Thanks to Paul Ryan’s incorrect and hysterical statements referring to Trump as a RACIST, over an issue Ryan clearly does not understand, Obama’s White House is now taking his word as “gospel” and referring to Trump a “racist.”
What Paul Ryan said about Donald Trump is false. Ryan’s irresponsible comments were based on his own ignorance of the facts, fear-mongering, and outright lies.
We believe that The Speaker of The House is working tirelessly to usurp the will of the people by lying and slandering the frontrunner of his own party.
Based on Paul Ryan’s words and actions we believe he is absolutely incapable of representing his party as Speaker of The House and we are calling on Speaker Paul Ryan to step down immediately.
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