#Trump2016 !

#Trump2016 !

Thursday, June 30, 2016

#TrumpTrain #VoteTrump #GMAIL Sending Messsages from #TRUM to SPAM FOLDER !

  Message from the Donald J. Trump Campaign was sent to my Gmail Spam Folder today: There have been many others:

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Just hours left to send a message to Hillary. Join me and respond today.
Donald J Trump

My son, Eric, sent out an incredibly important message earlier this week regarding a gigantic goal we’ve set for my campaign.Together, we're going to SHOCK Hillary.
And as you can see above, we have JUST HOURS remaining until the Federal Election Commission's fundraising deadline at midnight tonight.

We have not heard from you yet George, and that's why I'm writing you.

I called Hillary out this week, and – believe me – we are shocking the political establishment with our numbers.

I know you're with me, and I want you to be a part of it.

Just tap or click this secure link to make an IMMEDIATE donation, to help us SHOCK Clinton and her cronies by raising $10 million before midnight.

Lying Crooked Hillary's campaign machine is DESPERATE to convince the American people that our campaign is off track,claiming we can't raise the funds we'll need to win.

We cannot let them get away with this – they are so dishonestso power-hungry and so corrupt.

George, that's why I called Hillary out and that's why I'm emailing you right now.

With your help today, we can turn our great country around and Make American Great Again. We can secure our borders, create jobs and keep our families safe.

Please contribute whatever you can before MIDNIGHT TONIGHT, by clicking on one of the links below:

It's time for us to Make America Great Again. And I want you to take part in it.

Stand with me at this historic moment for our nation

Best Wishes,

Donald J. Trump
Candidate for President of the United States

P.S. This Midnight deadline is important as we show Hillary Clinton how powerful we can be when we band together.

Please chip in right away to join us in our crucial 2nd quarter fundraising goal.

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so what's up


#Trump Lots of #US #MUSLIM REFUGEES ARE #ISIS ! #TERROR #TrumpTrain

Trump warns 'lot of' refugees to U.S. 'are ISIS'
Donald Trump, presumptive Republican Party nominee for president, warned a Fox News “O’Reilly Factor” television audience a “lot” of the refugees making their way across America’s borders could be affiliated with ISIS, and if the nation’s leaders don’t take care, the country’s citizens could one day be afraid to leave their homes.
Trump also blasted likely Democratic Party presidential pick Hillary Clinton as less-than-capable of dealing with the immigration crisis, and with the national security needs of America.
For instance, Trump said that had Clinton, during her secretary of state stint, along with President Obama, dealt with ISIS at its blossoming stage, the world would not be facing the type of blistering terror attacks – like those seen in Istanbul this week, or Orlando, Florida, a couple weeks ago – taking place around the world with alarming frequency.
“Now [ISIS is] a very large group of people and it’s only getting bigger and if [Clinton] gets in, it will be massive and we won’t even have a country anymore,” Trump said. “We will be afraid to walk outside.”
Trump also spoke in dire terms of America’s borders.
“One other thing,” he said. “[Our government’s] letting tens of thousands of people come in from Syria and nobody knows who these people are and a lot of those people are ISIS.”
Clinton, he went on, is hardly “tough enough” to beat ISIS.
“She’ll never get tougher,” Trump said. “It’s not going to happen.”

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