#Trump2016 !

#Trump2016 !

Monday, May 30, 2016

#MemorialDay2016 The Greatest Generation ! #TrumpTrain #TERROR #OBAMA

George M Weinert, b 1914 was 27 in 1941.   After the Horror of the Dastardly Day of Infamy everyone wanted to fight the Japs and pay them back for the Dastardly Day of Infamy.

George did not have wait to long for the "Greetings" Letter from the US Army Draft Board arrived at his NW Side Chicago Home.

After Induction and Basic Training at Ft. Sheridan, IL. the young private was assigned to the US Army Induction Station on Canal Street.  His job was to process the paperwork on new draftees.

As Part of the Paperwork, a medical report was required on the Medical Condition of each man to find his best assignment.  Half of the Negros who were examined had venereal disease, many in advanced stages which left them unfit for duty.  Most of the other half either had criminal records or were found mentially unfit for the  and US Army.  

In 1942, George was shipped to Camp Calan, CA with a stop at Ft. Hood, TX along the way.  He had been promoted to Corporal and assigned the job of teaching men how to type and manage a business offfice, since this was his job before Uncle Sam Called.

In this early year of World War II, there was a genuine fear that the Nips would attempt a sea-led invasion on the Pacific Coast of California.  The Imperial Navy was already battling Admiral Halsey and the US Navy in the far Aleutian Islands off Alaska since they had already chosen this route as the first spear of the Jap Invasion of the American Mainland.

Though he was catary man (A teacher) and office personnel George along with hundres of others in his company camped out with their sleeping bags on the cliffs of CA - Carbines loaded and at the ready waiting for a invasion that fortunately never came

In 1944, George was shpped to Manilla, Phillipines as part of General Macarthur's Invasion force that would re-take the Islands the Japs had taken a few years earlier in an Horrible Bloodbath that murdered hundreds of thousands of Phillipinos and butched thousand of Ameriicans.  Among these Jap Atrocities is the Fabled Horror of the Death March to Battan - where the GOD**M NIP BASTARDS MARCHED their US PRISONERS THROUGH THE JUNGLES FOR 100 MILES with NO FOOD and WATER until they DROPPED OF EXHAUSTION - then they SHOT THEM AND CUT OFF THEIR HEAD WITH THEIR SAMURAI SWORDS!

In 1945, MacArthur gave the job of Typing up the Orders for the US Invasion of the main Island of Japan. After the Kamikazee bombers at Okinawa (the Muslim suicide Bombers of 1945), we knew that the Nips would fight to the death:

The Allies expected 500,000 - 1,000,000 Dead and Wounded - they Estimated Jap Dead at 10,000,000.

The US Army expected to Loose the first FIVE Waves of Men - as he typed the orders, 

George saw his name on the THIRD WAVE!

Two weeks later, "Give 'em Hell" Harry made the Bravest and Wisest Decision in the History of Warfare and Barbecued the Nips at Hiroshima.  As reports of the incredible devastation that had been wrought came in, the Jap Emperor (yes they REALLY STILL Had an EMPEROR in 1945!) Hirohito Refused to Believe it was Possible.

Three day Later, Truman did what he had to, gave the Japs another Hot Foot and micowaved the Nip Naval Base at Nagasaki.

"Emperor" Hirohito stopped sipping his rice wine and informed the Americans the Imperial Japanese Govt. would Surrender.

Once the War was over, Gen. MacArthur called Staff Sgt. George M Weinert into his office and asked him to go with his Army in the Occupation and re-building of Japan.  A Promotion to Warrant Officer was in the offer.

George declined the offer, and informed Mac that FOUR YEARS of the WAR was ENOUGH! He just wanted to go home.

Two weeks later, he was discharged and on a Troop Transport on his way home - the 13,000 Mile Long Sea Voyage (half way around the world) from the Phillipines to the Port of San Francisco, CA took THIRTY DAYS - as it had on the trip over.

In another week, George was home in Chicago. He got off the Northewestern Train and walked the few blocks back home.  It was a Sunday, just as it had been on Dec, 1941.

His Mother answered the Door, and said (Startled) "We didn't Think you were Coming home!"

George often related the story with gallows laughter - his 

OWN FAMILY had written  him off as DEAD!

George returned to his job as an accountang at Richeimmer Coffee Company in Chicago -

His Boss, Mr. Richard Richeimer PAID HIM for all the time he had served from 1941-1945 - a handsome sum at the time.

George had marrried Josephine Prangl in 1941 so they moved into a small apartment on Chicago's near NW Side.

Six years later, in June of 1951 George and Josephine had a son, Georgie (Jr.).  In 1953, with the money they had, and a small loan from Mrs. Weinert Sr. they purhcased a home.

George wanted to write a Book, called "The Saga of a TypeWriter Commando" - but when he finally had time, after he was forced into retirement by an anurism that almost killed him, his eyes were too bad to see the computer screen.

Staff. Sgt. George M Weinert Died on Nov 19, 1989 of a ruptured blood vessel in his lung - it was mercifual, it was fast.

The "Greatest Generation" is fading fast - Honor them while you can and Thank a Vet Today.

Staff Sgt. George M Weinert was my Father -


God Bless America!!!

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