#Trump2016 !

#Trump2016 !

Friday, March 11, 2016

#TrumpRally #Chicago, City of Gangs and Mayhem #Trump #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

The Long-aowaited Donald #Trump Rally at UIC Pavillion was just cancelled.  After a half hour delay, the #Trump campaign announces that Mr. Trump have decided to cancel his speech in the interest of PUBLIC SAFETY.

The Gangs and Drug Dealers, joined by Illegals and Criminals have been organizing all week via Social Media and the Street Soldiers used by Chicago gangs so these criminals elements showed up at 6:00 AM today.

As the say wore on, it became obvious that they were planning a riot and to inflict as much harm on #Trump supporters as possible.

#Trump wisely chose to keep his Supporters safe - and avoid a riot.

The "Protesters" in the street began assaulting #Trump Supporters as soon as they began to exit the UIC Pavilion, and a Scan of CPD Radio at 7:15 PM reports 'scuffles' breaking out at Racine and Congress Pkwy - and the night is still y
#Trump supporters, many coming from the far suburbs are REALLLY PISSED OFF at the "Protesters' which feature the Black Lies Matter Movement and many ILLEGAL Mexican Drug Dealers.

CPD Radio at 7:20 PM reports that Fights are breaking out at Harrison and Van Buren between #TRUMP Real Americans and the Black Lies Matter and Mexican Ilegal Drug Dealers.

7:30 PM CPD Radio reports "Protesters" (i.e. Gangs) "Throwing Bottles at POLICE and JUMPING ON POLICE CARhinS - RIOT DEVELOPING !!! - Large Fights on HARRISON"

7:50 CPD Radio Reports Black Lies Matter and Mex Gangs smashing Windows on CARS and buildings, robbing pedestrians, riot developing.

7:55 PM - Large Crowd moving from Harrison to Congress towards Parking Garage where Black Lies Matter have been SMASHING WINDOWS

7:58 CPD Reports OFFICERS Injured by Black lies Matter Gangs - Rioters are NOW on EISENHOWER XPWY !

8:00 PM CPD Radio Reports Units arriving at Congress and Van Buren from other districts - Riot Continues to develop.

8:05 PM #TrumpRally Back Lies Matter Protesters entering Congress Parking Garage, blocking exits - swinging BATS and Damaging CARS - RIOT !!!

Donald #Trump was denied his 1st Amendment rights, as were all of his supporters:

So where's the #MUSLIM MONKEY MAN IN THE WH? -

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