#Trump2016 !

#Trump2016 !

Monday, February 22, 2016

#Trump Questions Marco #Rubio’s Eligibility @Breitbart #VOTETRUMP #TRUMPTRAIN


GOP frontrunner Donald Trump retweeted a post on Twitter questioning 
Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)
’s (R-FL) eligibility to run for president, just as the real estate mogul has questioned 
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)
’s (R-TX) eligibility.

Politico reports:
On Saturday, Trump retweeted a tweet that suggested the Florida senator is not a citizen. George Stephanopoulos asked him about it on ABC’s “This Week” Sunday morning. Rubio was born in Florida on May 28, 1971. His parents had come to the United States from Cuba in the 1950s. Trump retweeted a tweet on Saturday that suggested both Rubio and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz are ineligible to be president.
“I think the lawyers have to determine that that — and not— it was a retweet, not so much with Marco. I’m not really that familiar with Marco’s circumstances,” Trump responded when asked about it on Sunday.
“But then why retweet it?” Stephanopoulos questioned the real estate mogul.
“Because I’m not sure. I mean, let people make their own determination. I know Ted is being now — I think he’s being sued by somebody having nothing to do with me, by the way,” Trump answered.
“You’re really not sure that Marco Rubio is eligible to run for president? You’re really not sure?” Stephanopoulos again questioned.
“I don’t know. I really — I’ve never looked at it, George,” Trump responded. “I honestly have never looked at it. As somebody said, he’s not. And I retweeted it. I have 14 million people between Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and I retweet things, and we start dialogue and it’s very interesting.”
Rubio later responded to Trump’s action.
“Look, this is a pattern. This is a game he plays,” Rubio said on the same program. “He says something that’s edgy and outrageous and then the media flocks and covers that and then no one else can get any coverage on anything else. And that worked when there were 15 people running for president. It’s not going to work anymore.”
“I’m going to spend zero time on his interpretation of the Constitution with regards to eligibility,” Rubio added.

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