#Trump2016 !

#Trump2016 !

Monday, February 29, 2016

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A new CNN national poll shows that Donald Trump is pulling away in the national Republican presidential nomination with a stunning 49 percent support.

That’s 33 points above 
Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)
 who is in second place with 16 percent.
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)
 is in a close third with 15 percent.
Ben Carson only has 10 percent while John Kasich has six percent.
Trump was at 24 percent in September before his national polling numbers began to rise substantially.
The polling results show that as more Republicans get out of the race, more Republicans are leaning toward Trump for president.
Republicans who do not support Trump however, appeared torn whether they would support him if he eventually won the nomination.
According to the poll, 52 percent of Republicans said they would likely support Trump if he won — 48 percent indicated that they were unlikely to support him, including 35 percent who said they would “definitely not support” the controversial billionaire.
When asked to choose which candidate was the most honest and trustworthy, 35 percent of Republican voters chose Trump, 22 percent chose Ben Carson, followed by Cruz at 14 percent and Rubio at 13 percent. Kasich only got 9 percent.
The polling result is of 306 registered Republican voters and 121 voters who lean Republican.

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